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Essential Tools

Knowing how to make a hand drill fire making tool, a trap, or a spear without using a knife will give you tremendous confidence in any emergency situation.

In our various classes at Coast Live Oak School we teach students how to make tools from natural materials without using steel knives or other modern conveniences.

If you or your child would like to learn how to make any of the tools listed below, check out Native Skills Camps, Ancestral Skills Camp Outs, Family Walks and Weekly Home School Programs.

You can also contact me at mnhay2000@yahoo.com. I can advise you which of our classes you can take to learn the skills you would like to have, or arrange a custom class for you, your child, your family, or a group of friends.


Digging stick

Stone Knife

String, rope, and cordage

Hand Drill (fire making)

Bow Drill (fire making)

Bone Knife

Clay Bowl or Pot

Wooden Bowl



Arrows and arrowheads of wood, bone, and stone

Simple Self-Backed Bow



Fishing line

Fish hooks made from bone, wood, and shell


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Coast Live Oak offers classes for all ages, year round in Orange County, California and surrounding counties.

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